4 Crucial Tips for Effective and Impactful TV Commercials

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With consumers becoming more visually influenced than ever before, it’s only natural that businesses start using modern media to their advantage.

From social media posts to email sequences, the list of available tools and options is endless because the ways humans consume, interact, and make decisions are all influenced by the Internet. As a business that’s in this digital day and age, your company is undoubtedly no stranger to just how helpful and advantageous the Internet can be for your operations.

With the Coronavirus pandemic forcing consumers to stay at home and have more time to themselves, the power of media work is stronger than ever. One of the most vital developments to watch out for as a cause of such a development is the sharply increased use of commercials for businesses—a key development you should be mindful of.

As the current global pandemic continues to shed light on the use of commercials and how they can help businesses get the visibility they need, there’s one question that you may have in mind: “How do I create effective and impactful TV commercials?”

Tips worth considering

While commercials have always remained a powerful advertising tool because of the way they communicated with viewers and influenced their opinions and buying decisions, they’re much more relevant today. Considering that consumers have become more dependent on media and the practice of consuming information visually, it’s easy to feel driven enough to start crafting commercials of your own. But crafting a TV commercial that’s actually effective is a completely different story.

If you want to start getting your marketing messages across with the highest chances of interaction and conversions, you’ll want to get everything right the first time. Yet, creating the right product that will convince every viewer to take action doesn’t need to be so difficult if you consider these tips and tricks:

Tip #1: Know your audience

When you get to the drawing board of your commercial planning process, it’s important first to know your audience because it can make or break your success. The main reason this key tip makes such a significant difference is that it sheds light on valuable information that will best guide your decisions and ensure a finished product that resonates well with your viewers!

Tip #2: Use your branding

Now that you’ve got a timeslot (which isn’t cheap), it’s important to reap the dividends of your investments, and one way you can do that is to create your commercial according to your brand. Details like your logo, colors, slogans, and brand persona are must-includes if you want your commercial to stand out and stick because exposing enough people to your branding will have you on the back of their minds!

Tip #3: Use scarcity and urgency to your advantage

Considering that you’re paying a good amount of money to get your commercial on the air, you’ll need to ensure that anyone who views it will be driven to take action. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about relying on chance or taking a gamble to ensure that your commercial converts because using tools of scarcity (such as limited time offers or coupons) will invoke the sense of urgency you need!

Tip #4: Let an expert take care of the intricate details for you

While you may have the drive to create a top-quality commercial to help your company get back on track amid the pandemic, it is rare that hope alone creates a great output. But through the help of Boston Video Productions’ experts, you can leave your commercial creation needs in the hands of professionals who will help ensure that it will be easier to walk the talk and have more customers coming your way!


Out of all the different forms of media that you can use to win over a crowd of customers and keep transactions and conversions coming in, nothing is more impactful than a well-produced commercial. Through the help of the four tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to ensure that you create an output that will slingshot your business past its recovery stage and get it to where you left off before the pandemic hit!

If you’re looking for top-notch video production in Boston that can help you create the best commercials that will give your business the visibility it needs, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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