Tips for Creating Professional Instructional Videos

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YouTube and social media videos are the internet’s gateways to other people and places. The internet has an open-wide world of personalized, unique content that reaches everyone instantly.

Good video production is a must to present your work in optimal conditions and high quality. It makes your content more effective. You can either create your own or enlist video production services, which have become more affordable. 

One of the most simple videos to make are how-tos that help other people or explain simple procedures. They could be used to outline how your product or service is used. 

However, how do you make a good instructional video? Read up to get the details, and your video might be the next YouTube hit.

Why Educational Videos are In-Demand

Among the most in-demand content on the internet are educational videos. Many of these videos follow DIY formats and they all provide viewers with valuable lessons.

People want instant access to information and instruction, so a short, well-made video is a big help. Hands-on work and activities with full visuals are always best. The medium is the best way to learn about any subject fast.

Part of excellent videos, especially for learning, is professional video production. Great video production can help create a high-quality video or even a whole course for educational video companies.

Best Types of Educational Video Productions

Educational Videos and Courses

Distance learning videos today are widely used by schools and other educators online. These vids are enhanced with replay and variable time options. These added options bring more convenience for students and remove limits on their controls and access.


There are technical videos that teach an exact method or process. This type of format will call for clear instructions through actual hands-on demonstrations. It’s the next best thing to learning in person.


Live and unedited videos can be more challenging to shoot because it’s live and unpredictable. While most live educational videos can take the form of documentaries, interviews, news, or live event coverage, some are less serious but still educational.

Live gaming or playthrough instructional videos are also in demand because of the added “at the edge of your seat” action and unpredictable outcomes. You can learn about a game better through an action-packed Livestream, where you experience it through a skilled gamer.

Live videos involving news and travel are also in demand because viewers want to be informed. Video production is easier here because there is no editing, script, and minimal post-production required.

Tips on Starting, Scripting, Setting-Up, and Shooting Your Videos

Your video should start with a good idea and a short rough script on that idea. It’s perfect for a quick how-to video on a topic you’re already good at.

Your lesson could be on anything, including fishing techniques for freshwater fish, doing Southern-style barbecue, competitive knitting, corporate video marketing tips, or MS paint graphics. When you know the subject well, you will speak more conversationally when talking to the audience.

Creating the video may only need basic tools and elements such as a good quality phone, tripod or stabilizer, decent lights, background settings, and content. The final edit and post-processing can help create the best version of your final video. 

Final Instructions

Educational videos are hot on YouTube and social media for all the information they can provide. Sharing skills, knowledge, advice, and instructions are popular on all online video channels. Professional video production is a much-recommended move if you’re going to share your content on the web.

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