Should Animation Be Part of Your Next Marketing Strategy?

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Animation has been around for ages and has played a significant role in most of our childhood. When we think of animation, we typically picture Saturday morning cartoons or big screen pictures. But in today’s digital age, we’re now seeing a trend of animation being used in branding videos.

Whether it’s an informational video or a cute little GIF on a company’s website, animated videos are sweeping the marketing world by storm. Almost every business uses animation to promote their brand, and you shouldn’t fall behind on this phenomenon. Here are a few reasons you should include animation in your next marketing strategy.

Animation Videos Are More Engaging

Every promotional video company knows that videos are a better medium for information retention in comparison to text. And studies back this up. Some research shows that up to 95 percent of the information presented in video format is retained, much higher than written text, which is only 10 percent. 

Not only will animated videos help your customers retain information about your products and services, but they could also be more engaging to view. Using animation gives your audience a much more fun way to absorb the information you want them to retain. Animation captures the viewer’s interest and attention and keeps it there. 

Animation is also quite accessible. It’s mobile-friendly, and a lot of the big social media platforms support animated content. Your target audience could be scrolling through their phone, seeing your content, and engaging with it easily. 

Animated Videos Are Flexible

The great thing about animation is that it’s flexible in terms of content. There are many ways you can incorporate animation into your social media marketing strategy. You can use it for commercials, big announcements, and explaining how a particular product or service you offer works. 

From a video production standpoint, it also offers a lot of room for adjustment. Unlike on-site video shoots, you wouldn’t have to worry about noise or lighting problems. And if you need to change something, it can be easily done as long as you have the software and a skilled animator working on your side.

Animation Videos Are Budget-Friendly

Perhaps the greatest plus animation has for promotional video companies is its light budget. A lot of money can go into producing a traditional video. You have to pay for a location or build a set, purchase props and equipment, employ a whole crew of people, and hire actors if needed. 

Sticking to the budget is one of a producer’s biggest concerns. Luckily, this isn’t that much of a problem for animation production. All you really need is to purchase the software and hire one or a couple of skilled animators to do the work. Investing your money in skilled animators is definitely cheaper than hiring a whole crew of people. 

Final Thoughts

Animation has become a staple for a lot of promotional video companies. It effectively captures your target audience’s attention and interest and also helps them retain the information better. It’s fun, flexible, and cost-effective. Get on the trend and animate your content now!

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