Guide to Making Your Promotional Video Stand Out From the Rest

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Videos are now one of the most important marketing tools to promote your business and grow your customer network. Unlike other advertisements, promotional videos are more effective in getting your message across while connecting emotionally with the audience. When produced well, your video can dramatically affect your engagement rate and sales.

Read through our guide so that you can create a video that your target audience and customers will want to keep watching:

  • Figure Out the Video’s Purpose

Making a promotional video isn’t just about hiring a video production company near you. Before everything else, you first need to determine what you want the video to achieve. 

The goal you decide on will guide you every step of the video production process. When you have a clear marketing objective in mind, you’ll be able to make sound decisions regarding the tone and mood to have, what message to put, and which call of action to use. 

What do you want to convey to your target audience? What kind of impact do you hope it will achieve? It’s essential to let the video production company know the reasoning behind your video to decide how best to meet your needs. Once you’ve identified your key message, it will be easier for the video production team to keep your message clear.

  • Recognize Your Target Audience

It’s impossible to cater to every demographic—your promotional video won’t achieve very much this way. Once you have a key message, you should next determine who you want your video to reach. Having sufficient information about your audience will make it easier for your chosen video production company to create better content that will appeal to them.

Finding out your target audience is a crucial step in video production. If you don’t want your video’s message to fall on deaf ears, you have to figure out which kind of people will listen and give in to your marketing efforts! A promotion video tailored to your target audience will increase the chances of them being influenced by it and engaging with your business.

  • Write the Perfect Script

No matter how exceptional the video production company you hired is, your promotional video won’t help you achieve the results you want without well-written content. Yes, visuals are crucial to grabbing the attention of your videos, but if you aren’t making any sense, they won’t watch your video!

As such, your video’s script must outline the points of discussion while still being audience-centric. A well-written script can help your video come across as honest and sincere while still speaking to their needs and interests.

  • Mind the Duration

No one will watch through a long video just to figure out the point that you’re trying to get across. Remember—this is only one promotional video among a sea of them! Your target audience has been exposed to enough videos already. Be mindful of their attention span and edit your video to a two to three-minute length.

Short-form videos actually give you more freedom to deliver your message than you think! It all comes down to script and production. If you have a great script and work with a skilled professional in video production, then you have a great possibility of differentiating your promotional video from the competition.

  • Don’t Forget About Branding

Videos may give you more freedom to get your point across, but you shouldn’t stray away from your business’ branding. This isn’t a personal project, after all—you can’t let your hired video production company do their own thing. 

Provide the video production company with your brand guidelines, so they can make a video that is not only well-produced but also represents your brand identity.


Your promotional video will only drive results if you produce it well! From the pre-production to the distribution, you must ensure that you take the proper steps so that you can benefit from your video. Make sure to work with a great video production company near you to help you bring your vision to life!

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