In-House vs. Outsourced Video Production: 4 Things to Consider

Author: savadmin

Have you ever caught yourself watching endless videos on Facebook? At first, you logged on just to chat with a friend. The next thing you know, you’ve spent an hour watching the endless videos on your feed. That’s kind of annoying, right?

If there’s one thing you can conclude from this, it’s that videos are the most engaging and in-demand content among anything else on the internet. And because video is so effective for marketing, it’s easy to see why investing in video production is worth it. You need to create quality content for your social media pages consistently. 

Once you’ve decided to go all-in on video marketing, the next thing you have to decide is whether to establish an in-house video production team or outsource professional services instead. Here are four important considerations that will help you make a final decision:


While you can find one person who is good at editing short-form videos, it is rare to find someone who is good at every single aspect of video production. As you know, video production in Boston or other major cities isn’t just about editing one video. There are many steps involved in creating just one video. You have to begin with a clear concept, follow it up with excellent script writing, and then proceed with filming, editing, coloring, and, of course, distribution. 

Even if someone can complete all of these tasks well, it would take them weeks to produce a single high-quality video. Again, you need a consistent posting schedule to maintain your online presence. Spending too much time on a single project is not ideal for a business. Timeliness is important, too—what if you have to release a video for a trending topic? The hype would die down before you can even release your video. 

An ideal video production team consists of at least four to five people working at peak productivity for days, weeks, and months at a time. Do you have the time and resources to hire and maintain such a team?


Producing a video isn’t just creating moving things on the screen. If you want your customers to consume your content and act on it, you have to create quality videos. But to do that, you have to invest in high-end cameras capable of adding depth and drama to your concept.  You also have to consider lights and studio equipment required for indoor shoots, plus the video talent needed to create an engaging product. There are extensive labor costs, too. If you choose to build your in-house production team, you have to add employment benefits to your budget.


Commercial video production isn’t just about pointing a camera at a subject and expecting magic to happen. Videos that generate interest consist of stories that are fun and easily understood. 

Do you have what it takes to create an engaging video? If not, can you afford to pay someone who has the necessary storytelling skills? Your team also needs people who can quickly adjust to new trends. Video marketing is a constantly evolving world, and it can be challenging to keep up.


Only video producers know how time-consuming it is to create a single video. As you get the attention of your audience, they will keep asking and expecting more. You’ll have to keep up with the demand and the number of videos you have to produce in a short period. Otherwise, your inconsistency will cause a drop in your audience engagement, and you have to exert more effort to catch up. 


Video is the most effective type of content on the internet today, and it would be good for your business to take advantage of this by keeping up with the audience’s demand. Video is an excellent way to communicate with your audience and educate them about your product. However, you’ll need a video production team and studio so you won’t get left behind by your competitors. Do you have the resources to establish an in-house team, or can you afford to outsource? 

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