4 Examples of Great Fundraising Videos for Your Organization

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Starting your own nonprofit organization or fundraising campaign has its own unique challenges. One such challenge is how you’re going to market your advocacy or message to the people in a fresh and inspiring way. The answer—fundraising videos. If you want to capture the essence of your fundraising and show your viewers and potential donors why they should join your movement, making a video is probably the most suitable way of marketing. 

However, you can’t just make any video you want to. You need to hire a brand video production in Boston that knows what works and what doesn’t. Here are some fundraising video ideas you can consider to have a better idea of how you can make your video.

Focus on “The Big Picture”

If you want to attract donors for your fundraising campaign, you need to make a “why” video, which is a video that shows why your cause is important to people’s lives. You need to make it clear why your organization is on track to a great solution, and donors should join you in your campaign. The best way to do this is by showing the big picture: a 30,000-foot view of your mission that’s told through pure inspiration, emotion, and storytelling. Think of a specific message you want to tell and build on that by being aspirational and telling your story.

For Gala Fundraising, Prep for the Big Ask

Galas and luncheons are a great way for existing donors to connect deeply with your nonprofit. It’s an opportunity for you to tell them that all the expense and staff time in your events are not worth it, but emotionally connecting with your nonprofit is priceless. That kind of emotion is what you’re aiming for here. Your video needs to incite those feelings to give them something to talk about. You need to make a good impression and make it memorable. 

Go With a Thank You Video

Losing donors is expensive and can adversely affect your campaign. One big reason you never hear from them again is because they have not been thanked enough. If you think you don’t have the time, energy, and resources to reach out to each and every one of your donors to thank them personally, then making a “thank you” video should do the trick. A well-crafted and heartfelt thank you enclosed in a well-produced video will work wonders for your fundraising. The great thing about this is you can edit and make different versions of the video for different audiences. You can add a link to the video in your email gift acknowledgment. It’s also great to send thank you videos to volunteers and board members, as well as corporations that support you.

Campaign Fundraising Videos

Of course, making a straight-up fundraising video also wouldn’t hurt. To kick off your capital campaign, you need to open up with a bang through a well-produced campaign fundraising video. In fact, in every campaign, you should make at least three videos: one to launch the campaign, another at the midpoint to report results and keep the momentum going, and finally, a thank you video. This three-point approach will make sure your campaign goes smoothly, and the interest never dies down.


Making videos for a nonprofit organization is vastly different from making brand videos for enterprises. You need to tailor the message and the delivery since you’re trying to attract donors and not customers. Those are just some of the examples of videos that could work for your fundraising campaign. 

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