Creating an Effective Fundraising Pitch Video: 3 Simple Tips

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Nonprofit organizations largely depend on yearlong fundraising efforts for their budget. At its core, fundraising is just another type of marketing. It shows your audience that your advocacy and efforts are worth supporting with their time, interest, and money. 

In 2021, video content is one of the best-performing marketing avenues any business or organization can take. High-quality video content can evoke emotion, inspire audiences, and, most importantly, drive high conversion rates.

Producing a Fundraising Pitch Video

One of the best ways to pitch fundraising efforts to your audience is through video. Videos are very accessible and easy to share across social media platforms. You can pack a lot of information in just a handful of seconds of video, and audiences worldwide vastly prefer to watch product videos instead of reading a blog post or listening to a podcast.

You can include many elements in a fundraising pitch video that will inspire people to donate to your cause. Short volunteer testimonials, supporter statements, and an inside look at your nonprofit organization add credibility to your campaign efforts.

Read on for three simple tips on creating a compelling fundraising pitch video:

1. Keep It Short

Billions of people access social media platforms and search engines every day, and a growing majority prefer to consume content in video form. However, no matter how primed your audience is to watch a video, there are still limits to how much of their time you can occupy. Some consumers may click away from your pitch video if they see a bloated video length. The key to effective video production is to keep it short and sweet.

A fundraising pitch should be simple and straightforward, so don’t be tempted to include details that don’t directly point to your purpose. After a brief introduction, present all relevant information as quickly as possible before ending with a call to action for your viewers. Keep your message focused, and pack meaning into every millisecond of your pitch video.

2. Present Clear Branding

When you share any type of content online, you ultimately have no control over where it ends up and how it can be repurposed. You need to make sure that no matter how many times it is reposted and edited, it’s clear that it was created by a legitimate nonprofit organization soliciting donations. This can be done through watermarks and explicit legal information at the end of your video.

3. Tell Your Story

Despite some parallels between marketing and fundraising, your pitch video should veer away from the sales language that permeates standard marketing content. After all, you are not selling a product; you are raising funds for the advocacy that you work hard for every single day.

Tell your story, and dig into the true purpose of your fundraising campaign—helping others. Your imagery, vocabulary, and overall atmosphere of your video should highlight the urgent need of your beneficiaries. Include hard data that backs your claims and proves your organization’s value. All of these details drive your message and overall legitimacy.


A fundraising pitch video is a fantastic way to condense your message into an engaging format and encourage viewers to donate to your cause. Video production is incredibly complex, and it takes a lot of expertise to create a compelling video that will draw conversions from your target audience. It’s best to leave the job to experienced professionals who will deliver a product that will reflect the nature of your fundraising efforts.

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