Don’t Let These Video Marketing Misconceptions Fool You!

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Video content has come a long way—you see it almost everywhere. You could easily think that business’s marketing strategies involve video, but you will be surprised that there are still some brands that don’t invest in it. With its popularity comes misconceptions that hinder some brands from taking the opportunity in video content. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about video marketing today: 


It’s Too Expensive

Definitely not true. Videos can be cheap and expensive if you want them to. Moreover, consumers appreciate authenticity over production value, which means that they prefer lower quality with high authenticity compared to higher quality videos that appear inauthentic. 

This is also the reason there’s a boom in micro-influencer marketing and user-generated content. So, don’t stress over your low budget because as long as you put creativity and authenticity to it, it will work. 


It’s a Tedious Process

Many business owners hesitate to dive into video marketing because they think it’s tedious. The truth is, they only feel this way because they don’t know where to start. When they think about video marketing, they think about the typical video production setup with scripts and all. However, if you’re not making it for the big screen, then why should you go through all the process?

There is also concern about the equipment, most specifically cameras. You don’t need to purchase high-end equipment to get your video marketing rolling. In fact, your iPhone camera can do the trick. As for actors, your employees are usually the best people to star in your videos, instead of hiring models or actors to get the job done. 

Finally, you don’t need it to be scripted. You will be surprised at how you can make great content with little or no forethought. 


It’s Hard to Track

Is it, really? With modern technology, almost everything now is easily trackable. Videos come with unique characteristics, which make them highly trackable. So, you really don’t have to worry about tracking it. You can do it easily. 


It Doesn’t Have Enough Uses

Another misconception is that videos don’t have enough uses. The truth is that video is the most dynamic and repurposable type of content you will ever have. Videos can increase email open rates, click-through rates, and encourage social media shares. Moreover, videos will help increase time on your website. 


The Truth: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Now that we have straightened out these common video marketing misconceptions with the facts, what’s stopping you from investing in it? Video content can be used in so many ways and for a long time. Plus, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on it. As mentioned, you can make your video marketing as cheap or as expensive as you want. It all comes down to the authenticity of your content that will win over your target audience. 



If you want to boost your digital marketing strategies, make sure you have video marketing in place. It’s one of the things that can help your business grow significantly. 

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