Creating the Best Kickstarter Video that Gets Results

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Kickstarter is one of the leading crowdfunding platforms that give entrepreneurs the opportunity to open their own businesses through the help of people on the internet. Methods like this to get funding for projects had been looked down upon in the past—with critics labeling it as an act of desperation. Now, people have been more accepting and receptive to the idea of asking for financial support from a community that wants to help.
Starting a campaign on Kickstarter begins with a video, which has to be compelling enough to convince people that you’re worth investing in. Here are some useful insights on how you can create a Kickstarter video that gets results.

Start with an Outline of What You Want the Video to Be

Good and effective Kickstarter videos have these two driving factors behind them: purpose and drive.


People on these crowdfunding platforms are most impressed and interested in businesses that come with a purpose. In the video, you have to tell the story of how this idea came to mind and what it can do to help you or the community. 
It doesn’t have to be too philanthropic if that’s not really what your business is centered on. People aren’t expecting you to bring world peace or end world hunger. But it would help them to know why you’re starting your business. 
Are you creating an alternative product to something? Will your product become the better version of what people are used to? Why do you need their help? All of this will personalize the video, which levels with the audience.


People want to know if you’re truly motivated to get this off the ground. They want to feel the passion from you and know what your vision is for the future of your product. The online audience responds well with inspirational people who want to pursue their goals despite the odds being against them. After all, everybody loves a good fiery spirit coming from the underdog!

Determine the Rewards from the Donations

This is one of the most important parts of creating a Kickstarter campaign. The videos that get the most donations offer incentives to the investor. For example, if one donates $10, they get a free shirt, piece of memorabilia, or the product itself for a discounted price. 
You need to sit down and think about this carefully before you start filming!

Invest in Professional-Level Video Production

The internet audience is not expecting a cinematic experience. However, it does help to have great quality video with clear audio and good production. If you don’t have the equipment and manpower on your own, there are plenty of production houses that can work within your budget to start the campaign.


Crowdfunding is nothing new—and it is far from something to be ashamed about. Plenty of people out there are willing to support business ideas for a cause they believe in. With a good Kickstarter video that is sweet, sincere, and simple, you can convince enough viewers to back up your entrepreneurial drive. So go on and get the camera, start drafting up plans, and put the power of crowdfunding to good use!
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