Creating a Compelling Video Pitch for Startup Businesses

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Pitching a business to a potential investor is a pivotal moment in an entrepreneur’s journey. Many startups expect investors to fund their company just because they have potential, solid ideas, and unmatched energy to see these plans come to life. However, there is more to pizzaz and appeal when pitching your startup idea.

To make a successful pitch, you need to answer all of your investor’s questions quickly. Remember that you may not be the only startup entrepreneur they are considering to fund. For this reason, Your pitch needs to be impeccable, precise, and able to give them a vision of the future.

How does funding your startup look for them revenue-wise in the years to come? How sustainable are your business practices? How competitive is your ROI?

All of this information and more may be effectively communicated through videos. Audiovisual mediums have an almost immediate impact on individuals and are entertaining to watch, so a video pitch is the most effective technique to compel investors to fund your business.

Here are some effective ways to create compelling video proposals:

1. Immediately Capture the Viewer’s Attention

The attention span of the audience is really short. You don’t have time for a sluggish start. Within the first 30 seconds, you should attract the viewer’s attention, introduce your product, and demonstrate its market value and potential.

2. Keep it Straight and Simple

The most engaging videos are less than three minutes long. The shorter the video, the more likely viewers will watch it all the way through. Don’t cram too much information, and avoid making it too expository. Doing so helps you keep your potential investor’s attention and interest.

3. Highlight Benefits and Features

In your video pitch, your product’s benefits and features should be distinguished. A feature is a technological aspect of a product, while its benefit is how it improves people’s lives.

You need to emphasize the intrinsic value and benefit of your product because that is what makes customers decide to buy. Features can change or improve, but if you establish the big WHY behind your product at the onset, you’ll have more chances for success.

4. Be Genuine and Charismatic

Getting to know the people behind a project helps backers feel excited about it. So keep it real and establish a personal connection so your potential backers develop trust in you and your product.

5. Create High-Quality Video

If you want to be regarded as a serious and high-value startup entrepreneur, produce a high-quality video for your pitch.

This means your output, from the audio and the imagery you use, should be top-notch and professional quality. You would need to invest in a professional-looking video pitch first before you can expect high-quality investors to believe in you.

Work with experienced professionals in the industry, like esteemed voice-over artists, actors (if you’re using any), or even graphic animators, so everything about your video speaks excellence and reliability. 


Startup pitches featuring videos on Kickstarter raise 66 percent more money than those without, showcasing the power of video content. Your video pitches can even be tailored to the investors you’re pitching to. The more you personalize your video pitches, the more you gain a competitive advantage.

A good video pitch draws the attention your startup needs, especially since you don’t have all the time in the world to do it. Maximize the time you are given, no matter how brief, with a great video pitch backed by the right production team.

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