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How Long TV Commercials Should Be to Attract Viewers

Marketers have hotly debated the best length for TV commercials for decades. In today’s constantly-changing television scene, the question is as essential as ever. How long should an advertisement run to attract viewers’ attention and promote your brand while not overstaying their welcome? The Evolution of TV Commercial Length...

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savadmin / 0 / 02nd Nov 2021
Creating a Compelling Video Pitch for Startup Businesses

Pitching a business to a potential investor is a pivotal moment in an entrepreneur’s journey. Many startups expect investors to fund their company just because they have potential, solid ideas, and unmatched energy to see these plans come to life. However, there is more to pizzaz and appeal when...

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savadmin / 0 / 26th Oct 2021
3 Tips in Creating a Great Kickstarter Video for Your Project

Kickstarter is one of the major online platforms that serve as the commonplace for various fundraising campaigns. It doesn’t matter if a person is trying to gather funds for their new digital game, graphic novel, or cookbook. Interested parties may come and go, take a peek at the available...

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savadmin / 0 / 20th Oct 2021
5 Ideas for Branding Videos to Boost Your Shopify Sales

Now that almost all businesses have migrated to being a digital store, the online marketplace has just become more competitive. This means that online businesses should be more creative and innovative in their digital marketing strategies. The more your product ads stand out, the more customers you get, increasing...

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savadmin / 0 / 12th Oct 2021
4 Things You Should Never Do When Making Crowdfunding Videos

Creating films is a great way to express yourself or tell a story, but it isn’t always affordable. Fortunately, crowdfunding videos allow aspiring filmmakers to pursue their craft and create art. When done correctly, you can find enough people who are more than willing to help you as a...

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savadmin / 0 / 05th Oct 2021
Steps to Create Educational Video Content for Brand-Building

As a modern-day marketer, you must be aware that educational content and branding films are at the heart of brand-building today. Educational video content is not simply for entertainment, but it should provide helpful and reliable information to establish consumer trust. For this reason, incorporating video in content marketing...

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savadmin / 0 / 29th Sep 2021
How Video Content Fits into Your Business Strategies

You probably know the importance and the advantages of working with a professional video production company. But how do you know what type of video to use for your marketing strategy? And more importantly, how are you going to incorporate it into your strategy? As a trusted Boston video...

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savadmin / 0 / 21st Sep 2021
Tips to Help You Create Effective Visuals in Training Videos

Creating quality training videos requires using a formula: An instructional design, a strong script, and a professionally performed voiceover. As a finishing touch, videos are also necessary. For your audience to understand the video, the images on the screen are crucial to retaining the viewer’s interest, no matter what....

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savadmin / 0 / 15th Sep 2021
The Importance of a Product Demonstration

As a business owner, you want to convince your customers to buy your products or avail of your services—it’s that simple! A way to do this is to make product demonstrations accessible to your market. Now, we’ll talk about the importance of having a product demonstration and how this...

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savadmin / 0 / 08th Sep 2021
Steps on How To Make Videos for Better Brand Awareness

Many businesses go to great lengths just to get the word out about their brand. Usually, both traditional and digital advertising methods are effective, but one particular method that businesses often use is video production. Video production for brand awareness has been around for a long time; we see...

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savadmin / 0 / 01st Sep 2021