Digital Marketing: How Video Content Boosts Your SEO Strategy

In the last few years, video marketing has grown exponentially. The vast majority of marketers who use video plan to continue, and 68 percent of marketers say video has a better return on investment than Google Ads. In 2020, nearly 30% of global online consumers said they watched over...

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savadmin / 0 / 09th Jun 2021
Should Animation Be Part of Your Next Marketing Strategy?

Animation has been around for ages and has played a significant role in most of our childhood. When we think of animation, we typically picture Saturday morning cartoons or big screen pictures. But in today’s digital age, we’re now seeing a trend of animation being used in branding videos....

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savadmin / 0 / 02nd Jun 2021
Creating an Effective Fundraising Pitch Video: 3 Simple Tips

Nonprofit organizations largely depend on yearlong fundraising efforts for their budget. At its core, fundraising is just another type of marketing. It shows your audience that your advocacy and efforts are worth supporting with their time, interest, and money.  In 2021, video content is one of the best-performing marketing...

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savadmin / 0 / 26th May 2021
Guide to Making Your Promotional Video Stand Out From the Rest

Videos are now one of the most important marketing tools to promote your business and grow your customer network. Unlike other advertisements, promotional videos are more effective in getting your message across while connecting emotionally with the audience. When produced well, your video can dramatically affect your engagement rate...

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savadmin / 0 / 19th May 2021
A Guide to Starting and Optimizing a YouTube Channel

If you want your brand as a content creator to be relevant, video content is the way to go. People are so inclined to watch short or long-form video content these days. They find videos more entertaining than other forms of media, and that is what you should target....

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savadmin / 0 / 12th May 2021
Creating the Best Kickstarter Video that Gets Results

Kickstarter is one of the leading crowdfunding platforms that give entrepreneurs the opportunity to open their own businesses through the help of people on the internet. Methods like this to get funding for projects had been looked down upon in the past—with critics labeling it as an act of...

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savadmin / 0 / 05th May 2021
How to Create Compelling Videos to Promote Your Brand Successfully

Entrepreneurs managing small businesses that aren’t seeing any improvements with the rate they’re acquiring new customers may need to rethink their marketing strategies. If you aren’t familiar with the latest trends, you may not have considered incorporating brand video production yet. Not everyone knows the true power that video...

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savadmin / 0 / 28th Apr 2021
4 Crucial Tips for Effective and Impactful TV Commercials

With consumers becoming more visually influenced than ever before, it’s only natural that businesses start using modern media to their advantage. From social media posts to email sequences, the list of available tools and options is endless because the ways humans consume, interact, and make decisions are all influenced...

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savadmin / 0 / 21st Apr 2021
Our Guide To Branding Campaigns: Social Video Production Tips

As a business owner, ensuring that you make the most out of your campaign is vital to achieve your business goals, properly expand your brand, and tap a wider audience. Out of all the trending digital solutions today, video production is one of the most effective and essential tools...

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savadmin / 0 / 14th Apr 2021
Before You Use Video Backgrounds: 3 Things to Consider

When video backgrounds became a thing in the late 2000s, it was one of the most appealing additions to web design to date. Instead of static website images or the more innovative animated transitions, full-on videos became a more common attraction to business websites. However, like any design trend,...

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savadmin / 0 / 07th Apr 2021