How Video Content Fits into Your Business Strategies

You probably know the importance and the advantages of working with a professional video production company. But how do you know what type of video to use for your marketing strategy? And more importantly, how are you going to incorporate it into your strategy? As a trusted Boston video...

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savadmin / 0 / 21st Sep 2021
Tips to Help You Create Effective Visuals in Training Videos

Creating quality training videos requires using a formula: An instructional design, a strong script, and a professionally performed voiceover. As a finishing touch, videos are also necessary. For your audience to understand the video, the images on the screen are crucial to retaining the viewer’s interest, no matter what....

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savadmin / 0 / 15th Sep 2021
The Importance of a Product Demonstration

As a business owner, you want to convince your customers to buy your products or avail of your services—it’s that simple! A way to do this is to make product demonstrations accessible to your market. Now, we’ll talk about the importance of having a product demonstration and how this...

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savadmin / 0 / 08th Sep 2021
Steps on How To Make Videos for Better Brand Awareness

Many businesses go to great lengths just to get the word out about their brand. Usually, both traditional and digital advertising methods are effective, but one particular method that businesses often use is video production. Video production for brand awareness has been around for a long time; we see...

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savadmin / 0 / 01st Sep 2021
Must-Learn Tips for Your Very First Kickstarter Video

Just like how branding videos can significantly help a business, a crowdfunding video can give your Kickstarter campaign a boost. In fact, a video can make such a huge difference that campaigns that include one reach their goals around 50% of the time, which is higher than the 30%...

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savadmin / 0 / 25th Aug 2021
4 Examples of Great Fundraising Videos for Your Organization

Starting your own nonprofit organization or fundraising campaign has its own unique challenges. One such challenge is how you’re going to market your advocacy or message to the people in a fresh and inspiring way. The answer—fundraising videos. If you want to capture the essence of your fundraising and...

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savadmin / 0 / 18th Aug 2021
How to Create a Memorable and Effective TV Commercial

As technology has continued to develop, various marketing strategies have evolved to help get the word about products and brands. However, one thing is certain: TV ads have stood the test of time and are still very popular in brand advertising. If you are a small business looking for...

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savadmin / 0 / 11th Aug 2021
Tips for Creating Professional Instructional Videos

YouTube and social media videos are the internet’s gateways to other people and places. The internet has an open-wide world of personalized, unique content that reaches everyone instantly. Good video production is a must to present your work in optimal conditions and high quality. It makes your content more...

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savadmin / 0 / 04th Aug 2021
Here’s How Animated Videos Boost Online Sales

We’ve seen internet marketing campaigns leverage many channels to generate strong outcomes throughout the years. Animated videos are one of them, and they have helped increase audience engagement and entice potential consumers to make purchases. One advantage we notice in using animated movies is their intelligent and engaging method...

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savadmin / 0 / 21st Jul 2021
What Your Video Brief Should Include

It’s not easy to create video content for your brand that truly highlights your products or services. As with other forms of content, your main goal is to send your message across and get potential customers to understand why your solutions are the ones they need. That said, it...

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savadmin / 0 / 14th Jul 2021