Before You Use Video Backgrounds: 3 Things to Consider

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When video backgrounds became a thing in the late 2000s, it was one of the most appealing additions to web design to date. Instead of static website images or the more innovative animated transitions, full-on videos became a more common attraction to business websites. However, like any design trend, it can fall into the dangers of becoming a component of style over substance.

Does your web design need a video background?

Maintaining your audience’s attention is a critical aspect of closing a sale or converting a customer. However, you should put all your focus on creativity over functionality. Implementing video backgrounds will have logistical consequences in maintaining your website and affecting your brand’s appeal.

Before you plot your plans for a video background to your creative team, here are three things you should consider:

1. Text and overlays

Using a video background purely for aesthetic purposes can lead to a more interesting website design. However, you need to understand its functionality and how it affects your site’s overall composition. For example, you need to account for text and overlays that will be around the video. If you use the wrong color gradients or font styles in the video, you will distract your customers more than appeal to them. This is why you need to coordinate your video production and web development teams when curating your site’s visual direction.

2. Mobile viewing

All your website design elements need to be compatible on different platforms and devices. For this reason, many web developers opt for a responsive web design (RWD) that can adapt to different mediums. Although some site elements are more agreeable when swapping devices, video backgrounds generally won’t work on mobile devices. You should use an alternative design element when considering users that will access your site beyond desktop viewing.

3. Site speed

There’s no sugarcoating the literal weight that a video background will add to your site’s other elements. This is why you mostly see minimalist visuals unless the video is vital in showcasing the business’s products and services, like restaurant and hotel establishments. Having a video background will take a toll on your site speed, making your site less likely to rank higher in search engine queries.

Since site speed is a vital component of Search Engine Optimization, every millisecond of extra load time leads to a considerable shift in your search engine placements. Additionally, slower loading videos and web pages tend to have higher bounce rates. This can further implicate your search engine ranking to a much lower position.

The ideal solution is to compress your background video to prevent it from taking too much bandwidth space. Keeping it on loop with a short runtime is the best option to avoid the risk of slowing your site load speeds. However, you should always consider if a video background’s impact is worth the risk. Unless you’re sure that it can positively affect your site, it’s better to avoid if you’re unfamiliar with implementing it properly.


Video as a medium is progressively becoming a staple format for many marketing and branding materials. It’s present in anything, from product demonstrations, video textbooks and webinars, and standard video commercials. Its versatility makes it a critical component of a company as a medium for communication. This is why it’s vital to understand when to play your cards right, especially with video elements. Thankfully, you don’t have to master the fundamentals and methods yourself when you can hire a video production company instead.

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