9 Inspiring YouTube Channels for Video Production

YouTube channels are excellent resources for filmmakers and/or video creators who are looking for tips and inspiration. Since there are countless channels dedicated to video production, searching for channels can be overwhelming.  To help you navigate the vast landscape of YouTube, here are 9 channels that offer valuable insights, tutorials, and inspiration for aspiring video creators. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, these channels are sure to provide you with plenty of ideas and help for your next project.

1. Film Riot

A popular YouTube channel focused on filmmaking tutorials and behind-the-scenes looks at the production process.



2. No Film School

A resource for independent filmmakers that covers the latest gear, trends, and techniques in the industry.



3. DSLR Video Shooter

A great resource for learning the ins and outs of video production, from camera gear to lighting setups.



4. Peter McKinnon

A channel that covers everything from camera gear reviews to tips and tricks for editing video.



5. Corridor Digital

A channel that specializes in creating amazing visual effects and cinematic short films.



6. Indy Mogul

A channel that focuses on DIY filmmaking and low-budget production techniques.



7. Mango Street

A photography and video production channel that covers everything from camera settings to storytelling techniques.



8. Filmmaker IQ

A channel that covers the history and theory of filmmaking, as well as practical tips for aspiring filmmakers.


9. Cinecom.net

A channel that provides tutorials and inspiration for video creators, with a focus on special effects and post-production techniques.