4 Awesome Types of Videos to Help Grow Your Business


Listed below are 7 words editors often use. These video editing terms are just a few words you should know regardless if you are a beginner or a professional. It would also be helpful to know these words if you frequently work with video editors or work in another field of video production, as it would be easier to communicate your wants, needs, and changes to them. Check out 7 more popular video editing terms below!


1. Chroma key

Chroma keying is used to remove a certain color from the screen or to replace it with something else. This is usually used when working with a green or blue screen

girl in front of green screen then in front of beach to show how the green screen works used for video editing terms blog post

2. Color Correction

Color correction refers to the process of fixing the color of any footage that has already been recorded. Sometimes cameras may film flat footage that needs more color to be added to it. Other times, there may have been outside sources such as weather or improper lighting that messed with the look of the footage. The goal is to adjust the exposure, white balance, contrast, etc. to create a more natural-looking tone that is easier to look at. 


3. Color Temperature

In video production, the color temperature of footage is measured in the unit Kelvin. The color scales range from warm-toned to cool-toned. This can be adjusted while filming or in post-production. 


4. Ken Burns Effect

The Ken Burns effect is named after documentarian, Ken Burns. It’s basically just a zoom-and-pan effect. It can add motion to static photos that may be used in projects.


5. Rendering

Rendering usually happens at the end of video editing. It is the process of combining all of the clips, music, effects, etc. into one single file.


6. White Balance

A proper white balance helps make sure white objects stay white on camera. An improper white balance can cause the color temperature on the camera to make anything white on the screen have green, blue, or other color tints. Some cameras may come with an auto white balance feature or setting which can help you adjust the color temperatures. 


7. The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is a grid that’s good to keep in mind while shooting. It makes the image on the screen much easier/better to look at. It sort of looks like a tic-tac-toe board. Below is an example of what you should keep in mind. 

girl sitting watching the sunset in the forest