6 Tips To Create Successful Animated Commercials

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Animated videos are a fun way to introduce your audience to a new product or service. Despite the fact that their products are fantastic, many firms fail to thrive with animated advertisements. An explanation for this may be due to poor commercial execution or a lack of understanding of animated video marketing. 

If you’ve been in a similar situation before, it could be frustrating—but there’s no need to worry. Avoid your previous mistakes and do better the next time! Read on to learn more about these tips to help in creating successfully animated commercials.

Tip #1: Keep It Concise

A short marketing video has a far better chance of capturing the attention of the audience than a lengthy ad. The attention span of the modern user is 8 seconds, so this implies that you just have 8 seconds or less to pique viewers’ interest and persuade them to keep watching.

Tip #2: Be Direct

Making your video brief also means being direct and getting right to the point. A marketing video should always communicate your ideas with the viewer and make its purpose obvious. A script should be simple enough that it concentrates solely on critical information and unique product value.

Tip #3: Use a Strong CTA

A strong CTA allows viewers to comprehend what they should do after seeing the commercial. It’s basically informing them of the following steps that they need to take in order to finalize a transaction. 

We do not recommend employing numerous CTAs. However, if your plan necessitates the usage of many commercials, you may test alternative CTAs in those advertisements to see which one performs best.

Tip #4: Use a Strong Jingle

In general, sound makes a significant impression, especially when coupled with a compelling picture and narration. Most video makers start with the animation and narrative, then add music when the movie is nearly finished. However, it’s a different ball game when it comes to graphic videos and animated commercials. So, choose the appropriate sound to establish the tone and feel of the video.

Tip #5: Remember to Prioritize Benefits Over Features

The advantages of a product are more important than its features. Of course, it’s best not to go into technical jargon; instead, stress how your product may benefit customers, how it differs from rivals, and what features set it apart. It’s a basic yet powerful marketing strategy that most businesses overlook when it comes to animated video development.

Tip #6: Utilize Humor

Not everybody can be funny, but you should try it out in hopes of keeping things entertaining. 

Don’t forget to include some humor in your video by incorporating gags and shocks that are relevant to your advertisement. This strategy may help your video stand out and become memorable amidst the many commercials we see on television and online.


In today’s modern times, a successful commercial means reaching the “viral” milestone. So, if you want to stand out and get out there, keep these tips in mind when you’re producing your own commercial. Create a masterpiece that combines images, narration, and music to leave an indelible impact on your audience.

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