5 More Important Video Editing Terms You Should Know


Listed below are 5 words editors often use. These video editing terms are just a few words you should know regardless if you are a beginner or a professional. It would also be helpful to know these words if you frequently work with video editors or work in another field of video production, as it would be easier to communicate your wants, needs, and changes to them. Check out 5 more popular video editing terms below!



Transitions are a type of visual effect that is used to transition between two different shots or clips. Some examples you may see a lot include fades, dissolves, wipes, and cuts.



The timeline is basically the visual representation of the video editing process. It is where the raw footage from the shoot is arranged and assembled in the order it will appear in the final video. It allows editors to add and remove clips, apply effects and transitions, and adjust the audio and timings, and color grade the raw footage.


Computer on desk showing premiere timeline on screen, with orange light behind desk used for video editing terms blog



LUT stands for Look Up Table. This is basically a set of instructions that is used to apply color grading to video footage. LUTs can be used to quickly apply a specific look or color grade to footage. They are most commonly used in the film and video production industry.



A J-cut is a type of transition that describes where the audio is that is from the next clip/scene is hard before the corresponding video footage appears on the screen.



On the other hand, an L-Cut is a type of transition where the audio from the previous scene/clip continues to play as video footage from the next scene appears.

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