5 Types of Videos to Effectively Promote Your Brand

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When it comes to marketing, sometimes, pretty Instagram posts, funny tweets, or cool graphics just won’t cut it. Over the decades, the human’s attention span gets shorter and shorter, and catching the public’s eye gets more and more difficult. Social media is already saturated full of marketing campaigns, so much so that people will most likely just skim through yours.

If you want to promote your brand effectively, why not produce a video? Branding videos have a greater chance of being seen by your target market and can also hold their attention for longer, unlike usual social media posts that they have to read through.

Here are some types of videos you can produce to promote your brand successfully:


Explain Your Brand

Making an explainer video is one of the best ways to introduce your brand to the public. Producing this type of branding video allows you the opportunity to appeal to your target market while sharing with them important information that you think they should know about.

If you’ve only just started the business or if you recently launched a new campaign, you can let your audience know in an exciting way through this medium. Just be sure that the content will be compelling yet engaging, or else it will seem like a lecture, which will just bore your viewers!


Give a Tutorial

Humans are curious creatures—and this is what you should take advantage of. People like watching how things are made and done. These videos are entertaining, easy to consume, and effective.

Multiple companies from different industries produce how-to branding videos—from “Glam Makeup Tutorial” to “How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee,” the possibilities are endless. In a tutorial video, you can promote absolutely anything under the sun without making it seem obvious!


Demonstrate Your Product

Now that you’ve got the audience hooked, now it’s time to convince them that your product or service is worth acquiring. Remember, don’t confuse product demos with explainer videos! While explainer videos run through what your product is, a product demo spotlights its best features. 

A lot relies on this video—interested customers looking to buy your product will watch product demos to determine whether they will purchase your product. So, make sure that you can effectively show all of your product’s best features, benefits, and functions.

Since this video will be the customers’ deciding factor, you have to make it informational yet entertaining. You can either hire a charismatic host or think out of the box and develop a more creative way of demonstrating your product.


Share Testimonies

Some people aren’t easily swayed by advertisements or marketing campaigns, no matter how clever or convincing they may be. Sometimes, people will want something reliable or concrete before believing that your product is something that they need.

Customers listen to customers; this is why people read reviews, look at star ratings or leave the decision to those who have previously bought your product. Testimonials will usually work for those who need a bit more persuading. 

Let your customers do the talking—as long as they enthusiastically talk about your brand the right way, people will listen, and they will buy.


Show Your Company’s Culture

Company culture videos are one of the most effective ways to improve your brand’s image.

You can show your company culture in many ways, depending on what your goal is. You can feature some of your employees to connect with your audience on a human level. 

Associating faces with your brand instead of blurbs, paragraphs, and logos can convince others that your company is trustworthy. Culture videos also help in recruiting great talents into your company.

On the other hand, if you want to impress potential investors or customers, you can give them a peek behind the production process’s scenes. Demonstrate how things work, how much care and skill go into the creation of your products.


Producing a video is more challenging than coming up with a social media post. Before going through with the video production, carefully analyze your goals and determine what kind of video will best help achieve that goal. You must ensure that your video will be of excellent quality—so consider collaborating with a highly-skilled team, like us at the Boston Video Productions!

Have you been brainstorming corporate video ideas but don’t know how to get started? Leave it to us at Boston Video Productions! With more than 20 years of video and audio production experience, we can help you tell your story to investors, employees, and the public with dynamic and professional videos. Visit our website or call us at 781-286-7577 to tell us about your project today.

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