5 Creative Types of Shots Every Filmmaker Should Know

One of the most important parts of filmmaking and video production is the shots. When watching movies or shows, you may not even realize how they make you feel or how they add to the story. For example, we’ll get to a dutch angle shot which is meant to instill fear or uneasiness in the audience. Below are 5 types of shots every filmmaker should know.

1. High Angle

One type of shot is a high-angle is an angled shot that is pointed downwards. Normally, it is used to make the subject feel small, weak, or powerless. 

2. Over-the-Shoulder

An over-the-shoulder shot is a common shot that is in most films/shows. It’s usually used to show one character talking to another.

3. Close-up

A close-up shot is another common shot used. It’s usually a shot that shows the subject from their shoulders up to focus on their facial expressions. It can also be used to show an object that is important to the story or character.

4. Wide Shot

Another common type of shot is the wide shot. It can also be called a long shot. The camera shows the entire object or subject in full and their surroundings.

5. Dutch Angle

A dutch angle is the most interesting and not one you see often. It is a camera shot that is slightly tilted, which causes an uneasy feeling to be felt by the audience. It usually indicates that something is wrong or used to create fear.