5 More Interesting Types of Shots Filmmakers Should Know


One of the most important parts of filmmaking and video production is the shots. When watching movies or shows, you may not even realize how they make you feel or how they add to the story. For example, we’ll get to a dutch angle which is meant to instill fear or uneasiness in the audience. Below are 5 more types every filmmaker should know. Be sure to check out our previous post for more types of shots.

1. Extreme Close-Up

An extreme close-up is exactly what it sounds like; shots that are extremely close to an object or subject. It’s usually used to show the emotion of the subject by showing a close-up of their eyes, mouth, or face. Usually, this is used for dramatic scenes.

2. Aerial

Also known as a Bird’s Eye View, an aerial shot is when the camera is high above the characters or location. It’s what a bird would see in the sky as they look down. They’re used to show a scale or geography.

3. Two Shot

A two-shot has two people in it. Usually, they’re having a conversation with one another. They can be next to each other, facing each other, or even facing away from each other. There are many ways to create this one.

4. Low Shot

These are when the camera is lower than the subject. They’re used to show a power dynamic. For example, showing a villain to be larger and more powerful while standing over the hero.

5. POV 

The POV or Point of View shots are not commonly used but when they’re used correctly they can be interesting. This one is another that’s pretty straightforward. It’s basically looking through the eyes of the subject or character.