Branding Videos to Boost Your Shopify Sales

Now that almost all businesses have migrated to being a digital store, the online marketplace has just become more competitive. This means that online businesses should be more creative and innovative in their digital marketing strategies and branding. The more your product ads stand out, the more customers you get, increasing your sales. 

When it comes to strategic marketing initiatives, business owners should look into using branding videos to sell items on online platforms, especially Shopify. In this article, you can read about how you can use product videos as an effective marketing strategy. 


One good way to attract potential customers is through product demo videos. In most cases, a demo video can catch a user’s interest without knowing that the video is an advertisement. After all, once you connect with customers, you can build your brand confidence among your target market. 

Based on Shopify’s algorithm, website visitors are up to 85 percent more likely to buy a product from an online store after watching a video. Put yourself in the consumer’s place: product demo videos show the best features of a product and even encourage potential customers to check out your Shopify storefront. 


If you’re considering branding video production for your website & business, here are the five best ideas to get you started.


The best thing about this style of product marketing is that it is beginner-friendly. People rely on others’ experiences to determine whether or not the product is for them. Also, a product review creates an authentic look to promotional videos, which can be an effective way to advertise your product subtly. 

Creating a product review video should show the overall experience, from unboxing the package to checking out its features. Most of the product reviews you might have encountered include showing the product at various angles, discussing how the product works, and sharing key details such as the product price and delivery process. 


While you can discuss how a product works in a review, you can go even more in-depth with a how-to video. This is especially beneficial if your Shopify store features technically complex products or innovative functionalities. You can significantly benefit from using instructional videos for your promotions. 

Moreover, how-to videos build your brand credibility if the customers see that the products meet their expectations. How-to videos also serve as a more hands-on manual for your customers. 

3. 360 VIDEOS 

Another easy yet effective way to promote your products is by creating a 360 video. Customers love scrutinizing products by checking their whole packaging before they finally make a purchase. In a 360 video, you can let customers view the products from back to front. 

To create this type of product video, hold your product or place it on a surface, then rotate the camera around it, the full 360 degrees. You can also use a green screen video to add more effects and make the video more visually appealing. 


One creative and unique way to make a promotional video is through stop motion. Stop-motion videos can make inanimate objects come to life one frame at a time. All you have to do is take photos, collate them, and edit everything together to create an engaging video. 

However, this process may require more of your time and effort, so you may also need help from an expert video production company in Boston. 


If you need to take your branding videos to the next level, a green screen can help you turn plain backgrounds into unique landscapes. Green screen videos also add a personal touch to your videos while creating more realism. 

Creating a green screen video can be quite advanced, and it will need in-depth knowledge in the technicalities of the video production process. If you’re willing to spend on professional service, you can opt to get help from Boston videographers.


Branding and marketing strategies are essential to make your business stand out from your competitors. Video marketing, particularly for your Shopify store, helps drive potential customers to your storefront. 

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