4 Awesome Types of Videos to Help Grow Your Business


Videos and social media are a huge part of today’s world. In order to have a successful business/product, you must be active online. One way to do this is by creating videos for your websites. Research shows “Online video consumption via mobile experienced a small increase compared to March 2021, reaching 6.8 billion hours watched on monthly basis.”  The best way to be seen is by using the internet!


Below are 4 examples of the types of videos you can create.


Testimonial Video

A testimonial or a customer review is exactly what it sounds like! A customer discussing their experience with your business, service, and/or product. Either getting a customer to review something by creating a testimonial themselves and posting it to social media or sitting them down and filming an interview. 


Group of three friends filming videos in front of a camera



A demo/ reel is another great video idea for your company. If you’re selling a product, have some stand in front of a camera and try it out and show customers how the product works. This is also something you can do for a service. If you’re in video production like we are, creating a demo reel can help show customers your work. If you have a service that is different, such as a cleaning service, showing a before and after of a customer’s home could be a good way to show potential customers what your company can do for them. 


Short Form

Social media is a must in today’s world if you want your business to grow. It’s a great way to get your name out and appeal to potential customers. Short-form videos are the best way to go for social media. While 40+ minute video essays are prevalent on Youtube nowadays, most people don’t want to watch ads that are that long. Research shows the average adult’s attention span is only 8 seconds long. This means you only have a few seconds to grab viewers’ attention before they scroll away. 

  • Large text 
  • Flashy colors
  • Funny Memes

These are all things that can prevent people from scrolling away before getting your message about your company or product. The video below gives more examples of how to create eye-catching social media videos.



Screencasting is another video type that can help your business. Driving traffic to your website is another important way to ensure your business is growing. There’s a whole lot to learn about SEO but one tip would be creating tutorials that lead back to your company/website. Screencasting is a great way to accomplish this. It allows you to record your computer screen. For those of us in video production, creating video tutorials is one example of something you could do with this.

Some more are:

  • Art Tutorials
  • Workout/Fitness Videos
  • How To Videos
  • Product Demos


Hopefully, the ideas above have inspired you to start creating your own! You can always reach out to us, as well.