Great Kickstarter Video For Your Project

Kickstarter is one of the major online platforms that serve as the commonplace for various fundraising campaigns. It doesn’t matter if a person is trying to gather funds for their new digital game, graphic novel, or cookbook. Interested parties may come and go, take a peek at the available projects, and invest specific amounts in pledging their support for them. 

By the end of the campaign, if the project manages to get enough funds, the one running the campaign may work and mass-produce the item they promised to give the investors. The process seems simple enough, but you must remember that simply asking for investments wouldn’t cut it. 

The person asking for funds must convince many people that they are sincere about the project and that they are willing to go to extra lengths just to provide what they have promised early on. If you happen to be one of them and want to gather more supporters for your project, one major way of accomplishing that would be through a great Kickstarter video. 

This video will either make or break your funding, so to ensure that you get everything right the first time, here are helpful tips to get you moving in the right direction.


Before even asking your potential financial backers for funds, you must first let them know what you are trying to accomplish. What do you need the funds for? Is it a video game that you are trying to make? Are you trying to create a new invention? Are you trying to come up with a cure for a major illness? 

Regardless of the purpose, you must be able to let your backers know of the details concisely. Otherwise, they may become doubtful of your intentions. Even if the video is short, you must be able to say it all in layman’s terms, just so every one of your intended audience would understand your goals.


A boring video will not garner any support, even if you are skilled enough to finish your campaign. Kickstarter videos need to be short and catchy, and it is rare to find a fundraising video that is both dull and confusing. If ever there is one, you may notice that such a campaign may have failed its backer goals.

Add upbeat background music if you must, and don’t forget to splash colors and graphics to make it more enticing and eye-catching. The more attractive your video is, the better chances of convincing your target audience to fund your project.


Do not forget to let people know of your process to convert your concept into a working reality. Even if things can get too technical, you may summarize it well enough for people to get a general idea of how you will get it done. 

For example, graphic novels usually require concept arts to convince their investors that you are indeed working tirelessly to deliver on your promise. On the other hand, a few shots of your prototype mini robot in action wouldn’t hurt if your project calls for a more A.I. approach.


Trying to find backers for your campaign may not be easy, but it can be manageable if you create a high-quality video that will explain everything about your project. Giving a concise explanation about your project, adding in colors and graphics, and explaining your whole process may provide your audience with a general idea of what it’s all about.

On that note, believe in your project and be sincere about the goals. Making a creative kickstarter video is one thing, but being motivated about it throughout will do you wonders ‘till the end.

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