3 Important Aspects of Social Video Branding

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Social media is now a vital part of doing business. Given its importance, many brands are investing more in social engagement. Unfortunately, it isn’t the easiest thing in the world due to the ever-changing trends in a social network. 

To be successful in social media, you need to provide your audience with fresh, interesting, and exciting content to motivate them to engage with your brand. One of the most effective social media content forms is video because of its ability to generate conversions and engagement. This is the reason most businesses are putting their efforts into creating videos. 

Here are some important aspects to consider when creating social media videos: 

  • Choose Native Video

When it comes to social videos, YouTube is the go-to platform to market your content. Branding strategies include investing in a great channel. However, no matter how optimized your profile is, if you want to be successful you need to upload your content directly to each platform to make it “native” to that app. 

Users prefer videos that don’t take additional steps to watch them. Keep in mind: your goal is to deliver valuable content that can be viewed immediately. You also need to consider the algorithms of these social platforms as they are programmed to favour native content over external links. With that, upload your videos directly to the platform. 

  • Keep Them Short and Engaging

Users’ attention spans are becoming shorter than ever, and if you want to appeal to them, you need to hold their attention. Every second counts! That’s why it’s essential you keep your videos short and engaging. 

You can do this by starting the video with a strong lead to spark an interest immediately, making users continue watching your video. Next, offer fast and direct content with a clear message. 

Most topics can be covered in relatively short periods of time, so remember that brevity is your friend. Keep your videos under three minutes to get higher chances of success. 

  • Choose the Right Video Type for Each Platform

Social media platforms are all unique and people come to each one with a different purpose. That’s why one video will not work on another platform. When thinking of which video to use in your social platforms, you need to remember that each platform is better suited to some types of pieces than others. 

Here are some types of video contents you can play around with: 

  • Teasers: These provide short, yet intriguing presentations of a new product or service. It’s ideal to be uploaded on YouTube because of the brief introduction that it delivers. Since these are short-form videos, they are well-received on Facebook and Instagram as well. 
  • Live broadcast: This type of video allows users to interact with your team and have a conversation with them in real-time. Use this type of video every time you have something important or new to say. 
  • Product videos: This type of video works best when you show the cash value of your product. The best platforms to promote this type of video on are Instagram and YouTube. 

Make Your Social Video Branding a Success

Knowing these important factors when creating social video content is important to your success. Keep all of these in mind and you can guarantee effective social video campaigns. 

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